S5002832Jupiter! There’s more moons out there! Dennis Woos made his own telescope and he shares it at Star Parties so other people can star gaze.

(2 min, 33 sec)


You can gaze through Dennis’ telescope too. Visit Vermont Astronomical Society for more information.


My Hero, My Wife


S5002712Jeff Hatch’s hero is his wife. She takes care of him through thick and thin. And these days life is challenging them.

(47 sec)

Party Dresses



Jodi Woos and her mom.


Jodi used to act as the server for her mother’s dinner parties when she was a little girl. Everyone would dress up in long gowns and formal attire. 

(43 sec)

It’s Gotta Move



Jim Woodward grew up in a house full of radios and tubes. Jim and his dad would tinker away at everything from ham radios to go-carts made out of lawn mower engines.  Sometimes things didn’t go as planned.

(1 min, 54 sec)

Beyond Bagged Tea


S5002423Oh so long ago, John Wetzel used to drink tea from those little bags until a friend introduced him to a really good brew. John pours out the story of how he got into tea. 

(55 sec)

John has been drinking a lot more since that day (of good tea that is) and also traveling the world to learn about tea and tea cultures. He is going to share more of his stories on Thursday, October 22 at the One World Library Project in Bristol, VT for a lecture and tea: Tea Growing in Taiwan: A taste of tea culture and farming methods in the high mountains of Taiwan

And be sure to sip some tea at John’s Stone Leaf Tea House in the historic marble district in Middlebury.

Alpine Bingham remembers how his grandfather used to run the dairy farm until his uncle tried to modernize the farm. 

(1 min, 41 sec)

S5002858Judy Barner is on a mission to heal her cancer with raw food while she finds joy in her grandchildren. 


(1 min, 31 sec)


Emma Wollum often livens up the market scene with her accordion tunes.

(1 min, 14 sec)

Moving to Vermont



Fred Barnes was destined to become a Vermonter. His wife was not.

(1 min 7 sec)


Steve and his bird, Thai, have a special relationship. More than just a pet or companion, Thai helps Steve to deal with depression and panic attacks. But Thai has helped others too, she even warned Steve when his mother was in danger.